The answer should be yes. Not "how can I get my loved one help?"

Symptoms v. Behaviors

Symptoms. Behaviors. What is the difference when you are speaking about a child? Since, I like to be clear what I am talking about, let’s go to the dictionary site to see what they say about the word symptom. Definition of symptom 1 a : subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance; broadly : something that indicates the presence of bodily disorder b : an evident reaction by a plant to a pathogen 2 a : something that indicates the existence of something else symptoms of an inner turmoil b : a slight indication : trace Then we look…

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One Week Post Discharge

One Week Post Discharge. Time flies.  David was discharged on Jan 12 from care.  He was discharged to home, which in the books of the facility, is a successful discharge.  In truth he was brought home for other reasons, chief among them? He deserves the opportunity to live in the community.  With supports, without supports.  Right now, his life exists without supports.  He has access to the resource room at the high school, otherwise, right now, he has no support beyond the therapy stuff we have set up for him.  Some of which he can’t begin to access for three…

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Loving a teen with FASD – reblog post A phone charging cord was whipped in my direction. Fast. Furious. More powerful than I remember. Will he always have these cycles? I face my own fear and I recognise we are not in crisis now. We had a blip. We will have blips. But we’re okay. via No Going Back — FASD: Learning with Hope Tweet #fighting4answrs